Jedium is a leading software company working on virtual, augmented, mixed realities and applying those technologies to education. We help people more effectively acquire new skills and take on new jobs created by technological progress.



We have over 10 years of experience in design and implementation of e-learning solutions, specifically focused on virtual environments, simulations, speech recognition, virtual agents (bots), and a constructivist teaching method.


Our Name

JEDIUM = wisdom & fundamental knowledge + balance, equilibrium


Our Mission

We aim to expand intelligence by uniting social and technological knowledge to advance humankind.


Building blocks of Our motivation

New landscape

Technological progress will change how we all work. Some jobs are already being automated (self-driving tracks, for instance). However, technologies will not only automate some jobs; technologies will create new types of workplaces.

Empowering people

We believe that the best outcomes could happen when humans and machines work together. The best results will come in a case of a combination human and artificial intelligence.

Shared imagination

Virtual Reality allows us to share imagination and get certain things done in the most efficient way.

We help people to acquire new skills and become professionals in brand new types of jobs.

Innovate together

We believe that we should take intelligence to the next level TOGETHER.