Jedium Aviation

Jedium Aviation is the innovative platform for aviation training in Virtual Reality.


Problems we aim to solve

The Aviation industry faces following problems:


Low efficiency of training

  • There is no way to work through a complex situation. A student answers questions. Only. As a result, students are prepared for emergency situations solely by studying theory.

  • Not enough hours for study: only 60 hours per year are spent on Aviation English training.

  • The lack of comprehensive analysis of a completed training program.
  • The absence of adaptive tests that analyze the level of training and create individual tasks to fill knowledge gaps (Tailored Education).
  • There is no possibility of remote training. The lack of multiplatform products to maintain lifelong learning.
  • There is no way to simulate every emergency situations to train a cabin crew.
  • The need to take pilots away from work that entails the downtime and losses of an airline.

High costs of training

  • Time consuming:
    • 490 hours are spent on initial training
    • 1,950 hours are spent on annual training
    • 3,840 hours are spent on conversion training
  • It’s very difficult to make changes in a training program. Training centers, aviation schools need to build a course from the ground up when changes in regulatory documents (FAA, ICAO, etc.) occur.

Low quality of educational systems

  • Modern educational systems—that are used for in the Civil Aviation industry—are not flexible. It's hard to implement adaptive learning paradigms.
  • Emerging and innovative approaches like Gamification, Social Learning are not used at all.
  • There is no way to create an online training for a team.

Lack of control over verification of test results

  • The main approach to control e-learning process is a traditional testing system. That approach doesn't allow teachers to build a detailed learning profile of a student.

Jedium Aviation: Features


Jedium Aviation is based on Jedium Immersive Framework and has following features.



Aviation English, Initial Cabin Crew Training, Cabin Crew Conversion Training.



Customers are able to change VR/AR apps without coding.


Support of SCORM, xAPI

That allows clients to get integrations with every major LMS and collect statistical data about learning process, students' progress.



Powerful analytics tools to make personalized VR/AR experiences.


Built-in Integrations

Integrations with corporate systems (LMS, ERP, CRM) and 3rd-party products.


Blended Learning

Convenient and easy to use environment to take advantage of Blended Learning approaches.


Solving Problems

People generally remember:
• 10% of what they READ
• 20% of what they HEAR
• 30% of what they SEE
• 90% of what they DO.
— Edgar Dale, an American educator.

Rising efficiency of training

  • Jedium Aviation simulates training situations in VR. That takes an understanding of the material to the next level.
  • By using Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, the system of adaptive tests analyzes the level of training of a student and the level of skills of a group of people. Thus, airlines get analytical data about the coherence, efficiency of the team itself! Such functionality is not provided by any training system.
  • By using statistical data and ML algorithms, Jedium Aviation defines the ideal learning track of the specific training course, compares it with the students' scores, determines knowledge gaps and creates Individual Learning Trajectories (Tailored Learning).
  • Due to the collection and data analysis, Jedium Aviation standardizes requirements on the level of knowledge and makes it impossible to falsify the results of training.
  • Jedium Aviation is a VR/AR app builder, in which you can easily change, replace, add new ones and remove the educational modules.
  • Jedium Aviation is a multiuser platform that allows to connect dozens of students in one VR environment from remote locations.
  • A teacher can change training process in real time by analyzing students’ actions, results, accomplishments.
  • Jedium Aviation allows to take VR training experiences and non-VR courses (classic third-person view).

Lowering costs of training

  • Cost reduction on equipment and physical classes by moving a classroom and activities to a virtual environment.
  • Reduction of teacher's work by using a flexible training-management system, where the teacher remotely conducts classes, some of which is designed for self-training.
  • Jedium Aviation allows supporting a high level of training by conducting classes on an ongoing basis rather than sending cabin crew members to aviation schools every n months. Even in the case of a business trip, flight attendants will be more prepared due to classes they took in VR.
  • Preliminary training in VR increases the efficiency of practice on physical equipment.

Increasing of quality of educational process

  • Jedium Aviation allows teachers to immerse students in a work environment by simulating classes in VR.
  • Jedium Aviation simulates the specific situation or a mix of emergency situations and records every user's action. Any training experience in VR is as close to reality as possible.
  • Due to ML, the learning system is customized for each student. That helps to fill knowledge gaps more efficiently.
  • Jedium Aviation reduces costs of Language Training by simulating conversations with bots in realistic environments.
  • Jedium Aviation could be integrated with LMS, ERP to exchange data between systems in order to increase the effectiveness of learning processes.
  • Language training is conducted according to ICAO to meet international standards and eliminate company's reputation risks.

Tailored Education

To create an individual learning trajectory, Jedium Aviation uses statistics collection in the xApi format, which allows recording any student action. The statistics are collected from testing & training, both in virtual space and in the self-paced training mode (LMS). The format of the statistics is unified. That allows teachers automatically identify gaps in knowledge and create an individual learning trajectory. When the user creates a curriculum, the complexity of the lessons are taken into account (whether a particular lesson was too complicated or too simple for the student).

Jedium Aviation is our industry-specific product built on the top of Jedium Immersive Framework. Jedium Aviation recreates the situation for an unconventional and more efficient process of flight service training. The teacher has the opportunity to adjust a current course in real time by analyzing student's activity, which is automatically recorded in the LMS.


Benefits of using

  • Jedium Aviation analyzes the qualification level of flight attendants, coherence and quality of teamwork.
  • An increase of flight safety by simulating emergency situations and training a cabin crew in realistic environments.

  • Full control over learning process.
  • Build Individual Learning Trajectories, identify gaps in knowledge.
  • Jedium Aviation allows companies to reduce time and optimize expenses on training courses due to flexibility, customization options of Jedium Immersive Framework and the use of modern learning paradigms like Connectionism, Constructivism, Social Learning.
  • Jedium Aviation provides an opportunity to use multimedia effects (voice, images, video) in the development of training modules.
  • Teachers can use lecture material that they already have to propel the development of courses in the new medium and don't slow down established work processes in the company.
  • Usage of cutting-edge technologies increases employees' engagement and loyalty.
  • Usage high-tech training systems increases the value of the brand and helps to position the company as advanced and innovative.

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