Jedium Summit

The solution for business meetings and conferences in Virtual Reality.


Problems we aim to solve


Costs of business meetings

  • High cost of video conferencing software.

  • Requirements of business travel spending.


psychological perception of a 3D environment

  • The right perception of a personal zone. In case of a traditional video conferencing call, the typical distance between a camera and the person you're speaking to is 30cm. That's not a comfortable zone.
  • Some people learn better by hearing. Some people prefer reading and visual information. Others learn by doing. VR combines all of that.

The lack of collaborative data visualization tools

  • Exploring 3D object on 2D screens is not representative.
  • Visualization of a big amount of data in 2D is hard.
  • Limitations in options for exploring information.


Jedium Summit is based on Jedium Immersive Framework and allows companies to:

  • Reduce costs of video conferencing software

  • Reduce  business travel costs

  • Visualize complex structured data in 3D/VR

  • Get a realistic architectural visualization

  • Work together on documents

  • Increase participants attention and focus

  • Eliminate distractions (calls, messages)

  • Get an advantage of Blended Learning



Modular system of an internet connection

If a user or a VR object is disconnected from the network, a VR conference continues to work in a normal mode.

Live streaming in VR

A possibility to stream VR meetings to PC or mobile devices.

Integrations with corporate systems

Data & object visualization, import/export of data. If the data is changed in VR, those changes will be saved in corporate systems.



Unlimited number of participants

Immerse people from different physical locations in one virtual environment.

Voice, text chats, cloud services

Embedded voice and text conversations, integrations with corporate chats (Slack), cloud services (Google Drive).

Autosave discussed information

Record of voice/text chat’s logs and visual information on the white board, etc.


VR tools

Interactive board for presentations

Brainstorm with the fixation of ideas, information on the presentation board.

Displaying media information on VR screens

Demonstration of presentations, charts, video content with the ability to leave comments.

A full-fledge browser in VR-space

Full-featured navigation, streaming video content.


corporate data protection

Access right management

Users without corporate access can only view the information displayed.

Preconfigured repository for visual content on the board, chat logs with access rights management.

Data Encryption

Encryption of visual information in accordance with industry standards.

End-to-end encryption of text and voice chats.

Using a LAN to protect data

Conducting of conferences, meetings, negotiations via a local network.


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