Jedium Platform

We offer a platform allowing teacher to build multi-user dynamic virtual environments. Key characteristics:


Intelligent Automation

All applications created using Jedium SDK can be automatically integrated with or connected to other systems and software (reporting and analytics tools, Learning Management Systems (LMS), ERP, CRM, etc.)


Entity-based Flexibility

The platform can easily combine and create learning experience based on entities and representations of components.

That allows making any types of combinations of each learning content’s property, creating complex visualizations and interactions.


Learning Paradigms Ready

Every learning asset and interaction is represented as an object ready for an analysis of any complexity.

Jedium Platform powered by AI, using algorithms powered by data from the user experience (xAPI data), which allow for the application of modern learning paradigms like Connectionism, Social Constructivism, and Individual Learning Trajectories.


Current e-learning environment



The market of e-learning products is quite saturated. However, no one system is designed to deal with a complex VR content.

That happened before. Some e-learning products (e.g., webinars) are being used by Enterprise. However, not many companies use those products properly. Why?

  • Tech integrations are costly and involve effort from employees, vendors;
  • The products are aside from learning.

If we want to get a slightly more complex training integrated with LMS, we need to develop an in-house solution. That becomes company's artifact.


Why does it happen? Lack of standards?

Actually, there are few: SCORM, TinCan. However, those standards are not widely used because of:

  • Complexity of integrations learning systems into IT infrastructure;
  • The gap between modern pedagogical methods and their realizations.

Traditionally, the standards describe only a low-level (training) implementation.

The “middle” level (between learning and training) is not implemented in any software product.



Learning Paradigms

In addition, we have emerging learning methods that appeared on the basis of implementation of old paradigms:

  • Constructionism;
  • Connectionism;
  • Social Learning.

However, no one of those techniques could be integrated “As Is” by using typical IT infrastructure "ERP-LMS." Companies can not buy an outsourcing of IT solutions and start using modern learning methods.

Products available on the market imply reorganization of IT infrastructure. That is a business critical issue!

Our goal

We aim to provide an opportunity for reusing current e-learning IT infrastructure to build an ecosystem that effectively uses emerging technologies and new learning paradigms.


Jedium Platform components:


Big Data & IT Security


Big Data

xAPI protocol allows us to collect data in “noun-verb-object” statements. That could be used on object, behavior and scenario levels.
Usage of xAPI on a scenario level allows easy integrations with LMS/LCMS. On an object level, we have an ability to record every interaction. The amount of statistics data per session is enough to call it Big Data. That allows us to apply Data Analytics & Data Mining to identify gaps in knowledge for every student and create individual learning trajectories.
Because we collect Big Data, we can create an individual learning trajectory for one student or a team within the framework of a few sessions and update the path based on new training data.

Individual Learning Trajectories

To create an individual learning trajectory, Jedium Aviation uses statistics collection in the xApi format, which allows recording any student action. The statistics are collected from testing & training, both in virtual space and in the self-paced training mode (LMS). The format of the statistics is unified. That allows teachers automatically identify gaps in knowledge and create an individual learning trajectory. When the user creates a curriculum, the complexity of the lessons are taken into account (whether a particular lesson was too complicated or too simple for the student).
Jedium Aviation is our industry-specific product built on the top of Jedium Platform. Jedium Aviation recreates the situation for an unconventional and more efficient process of flight service training. The teacher has the opportunity to adjust a current course in real time by analyzing student's activity, which is automatically recorded in the LMS.

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IT Security

The cornerstone of our platform is the protection users' and company's data.
To provide a high level of security and transparency for clients, we (not limited to):
Add the Blockchain technology.
Compile the code on a secure environment, where impose specific policies.
Run the code in the sandbox.
Check developer's identity by automatically signing the code.
Even if there is a critical error in the code, the maximum what could happen is a disconnection of an agent. That will not cause malfunctions in the rest of the system.

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